A traveler in this world who thinks too much and needs a place for self-indulgent posting.

4 responses to “About

  1. Hey ~
    I received a note from WordPress saying you liked my site which led me to checking out yours. Really nice. I’m going to subscribe.
    I deleted my wordpress blog but created a website, ingeniously, http://www.earllundquist.com
    It’s soccer, music, fatherhood, whatever comes. I’d be flattered if you had time to read.

  2. Hey, something strange has been happening with my subscriptions and I can’t tell if I’m still subscribed to your blog or not. So, I’m checking in. Loving your take as usual.
    ~ Earl

  3. Thanks for watching Genealogy Roadshow! Even if you thought my Texas pride was a bit weird. It would make more sense if you were from San Antonio.

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