Ancestry Issues

Just a quick check.  Does anyone else use and if so, have you been having issues with the site for the past month or so?  I have been having many problems of late, and I am none too happy.  This is definitely a recent development.

Sometimes I think the motto of programming is “If it ain’t broke, break it.”


2 responses to “Ancestry Issues

  1. I hadn’t been on it for a few weeks but was on it quite a bit over the past week and they have definitely been having problems. There has been at least one special feature “free invite to explore Immigration and Travel section” in an effort to procure new memberships. At one point there was even a disclaimer message when an error came up that it could be due to high viewer volume.

    Anyway, it was really annoying and I had to stop what I was doing several times because it was freezing up or going painfully slow. My guess is that this problem originated when they brought back WDYTYA series. I don’t mind the self promoting but my only request is that they ensure that it doesn’t disrupt regular usage from paid consumers.

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