What’s Important

This year is the first that I have ever donated to a political cause, and it has been for the marriage equality campaigns in Maryland, Maine, Washington, and Minnesota. Obviously, marriage equality is extremely important to and personal for me, but it goes well beyond my own personal beliefs and wishes. Same-sex couples are routinely denied entitlements which heterosexual couples take for granted, including (but not limited to) hospital visitation, joint adoption of children, survivors’ benefits, and even simple recognition from one’s community. The equality laws in Maine, Maryland, and Washington guarantee that, at least at the state level, those benefits will be bestowed; the Minnesota amendment ensures that they will be denied.

For two years I lived in Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts, and during those two years I watched the struggle for marriage equality in that state very closely. I saw both the brightest side of humanity and the darkest. I also witnessed Mitt Romney’s craven and despicable actions. I will never forgive him for the evil that he did. He was defeated then, but this is the man who thinks he should be President.

The anti-equality forces are so desperately trying to portray their position as not bigoted, because they know they know that it is. Marriage, as the law defines it, is a governmental institution. Like it or not, agree or disagree with whether the state should be involved, that is the reality of the situation, full stop. Without laws guaranteeing marriage equality, unions between same-sex couples are permitted to be treated as inferior. The anti-equality forces may want to portray their opposition as something other than bigotry, but that is smoke and mirrors. Their opposition is prejudice, it is homophobia, and it is hatred. It is the doing of actual harm to people who have never harmed others only because of who they are.

If we truly believe that liberty and equality are virtue guaranteed to all souls, then there should be no question how to vote on marriage equality. I so want to believe that the better angels of our nature will finally win out.

Vote for equality in Maine, Maryland, and Washington. Vote against bigotry in Minnesota.

Yes it’s time, but it’s more than that. It’s time long overdue.