The End Of Who Do You Think You Are

As I predicted weeks ago, this is indeed the final season of Who Do You Think You Are, at least as currently know it.  NBC has decided not to renew the show.  For the amount of money it no doubt costs, the network got very little return.  And given the sloppiness in research that was glaringly apparent in this past week’s episode, I cannot say I totally disagree with the decision to cancel the show.

On the other hand, Who Do You Think You Are is one of my favorite shows, and when it is done right I get tremendous pleasure from watching it.  I also love watching episodes of the UK version on YouTube, and I really wish I could them on DVD.  I am sad, and I hope that maybe another network will pick up the show, and maybe that will be an improvement in quality and a variety of guests.  If not, there is always YouTube.