Rangers FC, What Is Going On?

Possibly the biggest story out of British football this young year is that Rangers have gone into administration, which sounds to me like bankruptcy, although I know practically nothing about UK.  I’ve been reading British media to try to understand what exactly is going on, but there seems to be a prerequisite level of understanding that I don’t have about the law and about Rangers in general.  So if anyone out there can help, what is going on and are Rangers going to fold?



[Programming note:  Due to the Image Awards, there was no Who Do You Think You Are review this week, which I deeply resent.  It also seems like bad television practice.  The show’s rating are, from what I understand, not as good as in previous seasons and taking any kind of hiatus seems like a bad idea.  Absence makes people forget.  I am beginning to fear this may be the last season of the show.]


2 responses to “Rangers FC, What Is Going On?

  1. Frankly, the term ‘in administration’ is bandied about so much that one just accepts it without really having any clear idea what it can mean in detail. There is a definition on Wikipedia which discusses the whole issue but I presume you have to be a tax lawyer or some such to really understand all the implications.
    I have long wondered if the inflation that has taken place in the game would result in some sort of implosion eventually, but this seems to have come out of left field, certainly looking at it from an English perspective. Thinking of an English equivalent club having this happen is almost inconceivable, but I suppose this seems incomprehensible if you’re a Rangers fan.

  2. If Rangers goes under this will be massive. Eventually one of the major clubs is going to have to close. That’s the only way that the rest of them will get a fear of God to stop their recklessness.

    It’s because of the Champions League. They all budget with the expectation that they will keep going and getting that extra revenue. When they miss a year that is devastating.

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