More Gays

Matt Bomer, the star of the show White Collar, came out.  Like Zachary Quinto, he lived in a glass closet; Bomer lived life as an openly gay man, had a partner and children, but refused to publicly acknowledge his sexuality.  Until now.  One of the reasons for this refusal is because as he saw it, his show’s existence depended on his remaining closeted.  He was afraid people would no longer watch if they knew the truth.  Also like Quinto, he came in completely unspectacular and not at all dramatic fashion.

Magda Szubanski also came out.  If you are American, you probably know her (if you do at all) as Esme Hoggett the farmer’s wife in Babe (one of my favorite movies) and its sequel.  If you like comedies from other countries, you may have also seen her in Kath & Kim, a very popular sitcom from Australia.  (There was an American remake, but it didn’t find an audience.)  If you a sci-fi fan, she was Furlow on Farscape.  This is big news in Australia, even if it was apparently one of the nation’s worst kept secrets.

I’m not a part of the gay police.  With the exceptions of those who (like politicians and preachers) seek to do the LGBT community harm in public and then hypocritically want to enjoy the community’s hard-won benefits in private, I am not in favor of outing.  That’s why I would never out any celebrity on my blog.  It’s why I never wrote anything about Quinto or Bomer before they came out even though it was pretty widely known.  (I didn’t know about Szubansk; I am not Australian.)

Having said that I am very glad that both Bomer and Szubanski feel comfortable enough to come out.  It’s a sign that being gay is no longer considered a career killer.  And that is a really nice thought.


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