Second Class Citizens

On Kickstarter, there is a new movie project called Second Class Citizens.  It is a movie about LGBT discrimination, and the filmmaker Ryan James Yezak has put together an absolutely remarkable trailer for his project.  It is a testament to both the power of  the trailer and the strength of the LGBT community and its allies that this movie will be funded.

Kickstarter projects are funded depending upon whether they can reach a set amount of money in a set amount of time from online donations.  It appears that Yezak put his Kickstarter project on a little over a week ago.  He gave himself about two months to raise $50,000.  With 49 days left, he has raised (as of this writing) $131,602 and has almost 3,200 donors.  With 49 days to go, he has raised over 250% of his original goal and still going strong.

The fact that he has raised so much speaks very much to the power of the project, but it also says a lot about the community.  I first noticed this project on the gay blogs.  Ellen DeGeneres also noticed it, and she promoted the movie on her television show.  That is why Yezak got so much support so quickly.  His movie speaks to the LGBT community and to the community’s millions upon millions of straight allies who see this as the great civil rights issue of this era.

The much money in that little time is a remarkable feat.  I have no connection to the movie, and I feel overwhelmed by the support.

Here is the trailer:


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