L’Shana Tovah

For all of my Jewish readers out there, I wish you a happy and sweet new year.

Today the new year began extremely sweetly for one non-Jew.  Lionel Messi scored his 194th goal for Barcelona (the second of two he scored in today’s Champion’s League match at BATE Borisov), thereby equaling the record of Barcelona legend Ladislao Kubala.  What Kubala took 12 years to do, Messi has done in seven.  Messi is only 42 goals or so away from breaking the record held by Cesar Rodriguez, which means that barring the horrendous (injury or transfer), that record should be Messi’s within the next two seasons at most.  Now certain caveats do apply: football is a team sport, goals are a relatively overrated statistic, and different eras cannot be compared and all that.  But for a club that also had Cruyff, Maradona, Romario, and Ronaldo, none of their tenures with the blaugrana compare to Messi’s.  He is probably the greatest talent that Barcelona ever harnessed, and the rewards have been plentiful.

Long may the reign of Lionel Messi continue.

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