Free Publicity

Decent football movies are few and far between.  All the ones I have seen have been documentaries.  Through an acquaintance, I discovered a documentary that has not yet been made.  The film is called “DreamTown” and it is being made by a filmmaker named Betty Bastidas.  DreamTown is about the football played in the slums of Ecuador, and the men and boys who play it.

The project is on  If you have never been to the site, here is how it works.  The project creators ask for a certain amount of money in donations, and those who pledge only get charged if the project receives the projected amount.  Bastidas asked for $40,000, and it looks like she may have asked for too much.  With 3 days to go, at the time of this writing, the project has only received about $12,700 in donations.

Whether or not you donate is entirely up to you, but I do urge checking out the DreamTown website to see if this is a project worth supporting.  I think so.


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