Favorite News Story of the Day

England’s Rugby Union team’s, whose traditional colors are red and white as I understand it, have ditched tradition to go for an all-black change strip.  An all-black kit is the calling card of rugby superpower New Zealand, hence the name “All Blacks.”  New Zealand is not amused, with even the Prime Minister taking a swipe at England.

The English players are not at all bothered by the claims that they are trying to be like New Zealand.  The players told the press that it wasn’t true, and they had to run so that they could practice their traditional pre-match haka.


One response to “Favorite News Story of the Day

  1. As a Kiwi, I did roll my eyes when I heard about this. It won’t change anything, the All Blacks are still NZ and embody the Kiwi spirit, and England will always be trying to take back the limelight from its former colonies.

    Next cup I expect them to take up the green and gold as their ‘away’ kit.

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