Messi Techno

Most of the time, fan made videos are painful to watch.  Every once in a while you get something quite good.  This one in particular is a laugh riot.

Thanks especially to Ray Hudson, master of the purplest purple prose.  Messi is a genius though.  Once in a generation.

For my money though the best non-match Barcelona video is Richard Swarbrick’s animation/work of art of the first El Clásico from last year (the 5-0 one).

It’s a work of pure beauty.  You may have seen his Swarbrick’s other, more famous animation of Tottenham’s matches against Inter Milan in the Champions League from this past season.  This was where Gareth Bale announced himself to the world by repeatedly humiliating the Brazilian right back Maico, at the time arguably the best right back in the world.


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