A Music Break

With all the talk about women’s football, I have neglected other topics, so I am taking a bit of a break to share a music video.

Fado is among the most spectacular genres in world music.  It’s the musical equivalent of standing on top of a mountain shouting one’s sorrows into the wind.  Fado music conveys immense saudade, which is a very tough concept to convey in English, but it approximates to a wistful yearning for something lost.  The greatest of all fadistas is the late Amália Rodrigues.

One of the most beautiful voices in world music belongs to the Cape Verdean singer Mayra Andrade.  Andrade has a voice of such subtle power and warmth that it can make to make ice melt and a grown man’s knees tremble.

So it is only fitting that one of the world’s most beautiful voices should sing one a song in one of the world’s most beautiful musical styles.  So without further ado, here singing “Alfama” with the fadista Pedro Moutinho, is Mayra Andrade.  Enjoy.


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