At Least There Are The Samba Queens

I did not see any Copa America matches today, and looking at the score lines, I am glad I did not.  Two goalless draws.  Paraguay and Ecuador was always going to be a snooze fest, but Brazil and Venezuela, now that is shocking.

There must have been some sighs of relief in Argentina tonight.  After the Albiceleste drew lowly Bolivia, there was no doubt a ripple of fear that Brazil was going to humiliate Venezuela (the only South American nation never to have gone to the World Cup), and make Argentina’s result all the more shameful.  The Brazilian featured the attacking quartet of Ganso, Neymar, Robinho, and Pato, which to my mind is overrated, but the world’s football media was drooling.

But a 0-0 draw, and a lackluster performance from Brazil.  That was unexpected.  While the women decimated Norway, the men could not get a goal on Venezuela.

Perhaps the CBF is spending money on the wrong program.


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