Argentina Draws, Colombia Wins

Group A of the Copa America has played.  Colombia beat Costa Rica 1-0 today.  Yesterday though Argentina barely drew with Bolivia 1-1 after a Sergio Aguero goal saved blue and white pride.

I am trying to figure out whether this was a case of nerves or something else.  It’s one thing to draw with or lose to Bolivia in Bolivia where the dreaded elevation comes into play, but the Copa America is in Argentina this year.  By any standard this was embarrassing, and it could have been worse. Bolivia are on the whole the worst team in South America, and there is no indication the team will ever get better.

Now the first match is usually where all the jitter comes in, and Argentina have plenty of time to recover, but is Argentina perhaps overrated?  Is too much expected of Messi and his compatriots? Did Sergio Batista fall to the pressure of taking Carlos Tevez, and thus is no longer in control of his team?   Or is this something Argentina will just shake off?

And what will happen if Brazil win?


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