Some Questions for Libertarians

I have a couple of questions for any Libertarian readers of mine out there (and I mean real Libertarians, not the Ron Paul/Rand Paul social conservative types who claim they are Libertarians because they hate taxes and the Federal Reserve.)  Who do you vote for in an election?  The American is such that there are only two choices, and neither of them really lines up with your core beliefs.

If I were to briefly define a Libertarian, if would be a person who loves his money and doesn’t want to be told what to do.

The truth is though that neither party suits that philosophy.  Republicans talk about cutting spending, but all that “saved” money will just to the Pentagon and the military industrial complex.  Worse, Republicans are very involved in your personal life, which I gather (although not from the media) is as big a deal to Libertarians as the money stuff.  They want to tell you what you can smoke and who you can marry.  Democrats, on the other hand, believe in spending your money and spending it on social welfare programs.  The laws they enact are a form of social control (some may call that governing, but I gather that Libertarians don’t really care too much for that either.) So who would you vote for and why?

Do you hate that the only major media portrayals of your belief are Ron and Rand Paul, who really make a mockery of them?

Are you planning on using Social Security and Medicare when you get old (or if you already are of age.)  If so, how do you do that in good conscience?


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