Pele’s Take On Lionel Messi

In case you perchance doubted what I said about Pele, here is even more proof that the old man feels threatened.

“Messi better than Pele? To get there he needs to score more than 1283 goals,”


“Neymar has great talent. I hope Neymar doesn’t end up like Messi, who plays so well for his club but does nothing for his country.”

Putting aside that Pele’s goal total is very dubious, unlike Maradona, Messi doesn’t really care about this greatest of all time business.  He just wants to play and win.  (Pele was never particularly liked by his teammates.)  Pele is doing his legacy no favors.  Although he will be always be at the front of the Greatest Ever debate, he is simultaneously making himself into something of a worldwide joke.

All the old legends should learn from Eusebio.  Behave with dignity while you play.  Exit with dignity afterwards.  Maintain dignity always.

Update: Looks like the most recent famous Santos alum needed to get in on the raging jealousy act.  Robhino is so delightfully saying, “Another Pele will not be born.”  Hide the green eyes, Robinho, but don’t worry.  The way that Neymar dives, he’ll just be another you.

6 responses to “Pele’s Take On Lionel Messi

  1. Robinho is one of my favorite players so when I saw your about him I had to jump to in. I read the article, and at the end it appears you left a small detail…”Each player needs to make their own history. Neymar is already making his very well. In his short time as a professional, he has already won important trophies for Santos,” Robinho said. “And we, on the field, need to put comparisons aside and try only to play football.”… Robinho is merely saying that there is one Pele and there will never be another, as there is one Robinho, one Neymar, so on and so forth.

    • That’s a good point, but you could also argue that case that Robinho was very young at the time and when you young and being called the next Pele, hell I’d go along with it too.

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