An Open Letter To Diego Maradona

Dear Diego,
Look, you need to face facts.  You were a terrible coach for Argentina.  Despite the love that the media developed for your sideline antics, everyone and their grandmothers knew that eventually Argentina would go down in flames.  You had a weak group and got lucky.

Remember that you walked away from the job.  Sure you were pushed by Grondona, but you set yourself up for that.  You played a deadly game of chicken and you lost.

Now however, you are not content to merely self-immolate.  In your quest to punish Grondona, you are now trashing all the teammates who idolized you and loved.  First your constant attacks on Batista, and now on your 1994 Argentina teammates.  Please stop it.  Maybe Grondona is the ultimate evil in Argentinian football (which he probably is), but leave your teammates alone and continue your path of self-destruction on your own.


Solitary Muser

P.S.  Pele and Di Stefano were far better players than you.


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