The Decent Side Of Fandom

I freely admit I am a cynic, particularly when it comes to human nature.  It’s the dark side of paying attention to the outside world.

Even so, every once in a while people surprise me.  I wrote yesterday about the horrific gay-baiting aimed at Brazilian volleyball player Michael and used it as an indictment of fan culture.  In fairness, I want to give due to the positives that come out of fan culture.

Volleywood has posted a follow-up to Michael’s story, which is extremely heartening.  Michael’s team, Volei Futuro, again played Sada Cruzeiro, this time in front of the Volei Futuro fans.  Needless to say, the reaction was extremely positive both from the fans and from Michael’s teammates.  A complete outpouring of love, support, and pinkness.

Volleywood has already done such a good with the story, there is no need for me to repeat it.  Go and read it.   And then take a look at the pictures from the match.  Good luck to Volei Futuro in the next few days as they play Sada Cruzeiro again to try to get into the final round of the Superliga.

It is a moving and eloquent response to homophobia, and it gives me hope.

3 responses to “The Decent Side Of Fandom

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the post. We hope to send a clear message out there that there’s no room for hate and prejudice in the world of volleyball.

    Keep up the great work!

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