Major Eurovision News

Dana International is back!  Yes, everyone’s favorite transsexual pop icon is back in her milieu, and representing Israel again.  Her song is a good dance/club song called *snicker* “Ding Dong” (which is not to be confused with Teach In’s “Ding-A-Dong” from the 1970’s.)  I’m sorry Lena; I love you and all, but Dana is Dana.

Pure gay bliss.

Eurovision champions and top finishers have a habit of returning for another bite at the apple.  This has been going on since the beginning, and I’m uneasy even when my favorites come back.  Only Johnny Logan has won twice.  Usually the second (or third) time is a poorer finish.  ABBA (wisely) never returned.

Soccer Updates

1.  The US Women’s National Team has won the Algarve Cup.  Again.  This time it was over Iceland.  I didn’t even realize Iceland had a women’s time.  It’s nice to see though that the Nordic nations produce such good women’s football (now if only the men followed.)

2.  Barcelona beat Arsenal 3-1 to advance to the next round of the Champions League.  I was very happy.  For those haters who complain about the quality of La Liga, I pose this question.  Every Spanish team that faced Barcelona this year had at least one shot on goal whether on or off target.  Arsenal did not even have one.

3.  To make matters even more embarrassing for Arsenal, bitter North London rival Tottenham advanced over AC Milan.  (Once again Zlatan Ibrahimovic goes home empty-handed from Europe.  Who will that loose cannon blame this time?)  I wish Tottenham luck with all future opponents except Barcelona.