Atlas Shrugged . . . And So Did I

I have complained that Hollywood has no original ideas.  But I never expected this, a movie (with more to come!) based on Atlas Shrugged.  That’s right, Ayn Rand’s zillion page, pseudo-philosophical, paean to complete and utter selfishness has been filmed for the cinema.  Atlas Shrugged is a funny kind of book–and by funny I mean completely horrid and devoid of any redeeming qualities.

It is allegedly one of the most influential books of all time, yet I doubt most of those people who cite it as an influence have actually read it.  Either that or they are caught in a perpetual adolescence and have no idea how the real world actually works (like Ron Paul and his followers.)  Even Alan Greenspan, a devoted acolyte of Rand, had to eat crow when the economy collapsed and admit that her ideas have no basis in reality.

For those of you who have not read Atlas Shrugged, I will summarize it for you in three words: Greed is good.  There, I have now saved you the countless hours of frustration you would have otherwise had by slogging through the book.

The movie trailer looks equally as dull.  I can’t wait to see it flop, although I am sure the Rand-ites, Paul-ites, and other misguided Libertarian types will see it over and over again just to ensure that the market doesn’t really judge the film’s merits.

Wonder if they’ll keep the rape scene.  That’s the other thing about Ayn Rand novels you should know–the female protagonist is always raped by (at least) one of the book’s heroes.  And she likes it.


2 responses to “Atlas Shrugged . . . And So Did I

  1. “…paean to complete and utter selfishness…”

    She called it “Objectivism,” which, like Communism, is only interesting on paper. Personally, I prefer Surrealism.

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