Congratulations Illinois

Today Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn signed the state’s civil union bill.  Despite the fact that it is not marriage, this is still a huge victory.  At this stage of the game, any victory is a good one.  Next up: Hawaii (civil unions), Maryland (marriage), and Rhode Island (marriage).

One of the big battlegrounds is going to be New York state (more so than it already is.)  New York will inevitably get same-sex marriage, but I have to say that seeing Barbara Bush, W’s daughter, come out in favor of marriage equality is very gratifying.  It has been known for some time that Barbara Bush basically surrounded herself with gay men while at Yale (we make good house pets.)  I imagine that it was very hard for her when her father basically gave a press conference stating that he would work hard to add a constitutional amendment to take away her closest friends’ civil rights.  Now the former President is saying nothing.  First his wife comes out in favor of same-sex marriage and now his daughter.  Quite a rebuke.


Writing about gay politics is hard business.  Much harder than writing about football.  In football, one does not need to convince.  I can just write from within myself and link to a YouTube clip or an ESPN article.  Football is a passionate love that comes from the gut–it’s there or it’s not.  I don’t need you to see what I see.  In fact, part of the fun is the disagreement.

With a gay themed politics post, I need to organize my thoughts a lot better.  Everything I write is not opinion or polemic, it is justification.  I am not just trying to argue; I am trying to convince, to teach, to beg even, so that you dear reader to understand where I am coming from.  It is why my gay politics posts are fewer and farther between than my football posts.

Illinois is a good start, but it is only a start–even in Illinois.  And the battle does not end even when marriage equality comes to the United States.  Assuming that the LGBT community is treated entirely equal in this country (a ways away), there is always the wider world.  The arc of the moral universe is indeed long.


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