Marta Has A New Home

And it is Western New York.  Yes, fellow fans, the greatest player in women’s football today and possibly ever, will be playing for Rochester’s new expansion team, the Western New York Flash.  (Here is the story of how the Flash got her.)  After the glamourous failures of the LA Sol and FC Gold Pride, it appears that WPS has more manageable expectations for the crowds that Marta can attract–and it does not include a major media market.

Marta did not have to come back.  She can go to any women’s league in the world–definitely a more secure one.  Her return to the WPS shows that she believes in it and in its quality which cannot be matched by any other league (and probably its money too, which I imagine also cannot be matched by any other league.)

I’m glad Marta is coming back, and I hope that the Flash succeeds where her previous teams failed.  Marta is a once in a generation talent, and she deserves to play in the best league in the world.  Women’s football in the United States, the world’s top tier league, deserves to exist.   But deserve is not a factor in sport, and women’s sports in particular have always faced an uphill battle.

So please, people in Western New York, go to see the Flash.  Keep Marta playing here.


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