I just watched the first episode of Roots, the famous miniseries based off of Alex Haley’s book.  I was looking forward to seeing it because it is the miniseries that launched a thousand genealogists.  By all accounts, it is one of the greatest programs ever to be on television.

After one episode, I am disappointed.  As guilty as I feel for saying this, I was not particularly interested i for almost the entire episode.  Perhaps this is because Haley’s story is so far from my own.  He is the descendant of African slaves, and I am the descendant of Eastern European Jewish immigrants.  His family was forcibly brought to America before it was a country.  All my immigrant ancestors willingly arrived at varying points between 1880 and 1913.

But also, Roots just feels so fictional and forced.  There is a lot of disbelief that I am unable to suspend (and a lot of acting that was over-the-top.)  I am not sure whether I should continue watching the series.  Does it get better after the first episode?  Does it get more realistic?


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