More Bad News From The WPS

Women’s Professional Soccer was dealt another blow.

Apparently, the Chicago Red Stars are suspending operations for the 2011 season.   They are hoping to compete in the 2012 season, but this is not a good sign, as their fan attendance decreased.  The Red Stars are looking for corporate sponsorship so that they may actually be able to advertise, which they were unable to do this past season.  In the Chicago area, the could not even get an average attendance of 5000 spectators per game.

So, to recap, the WPS is now a league based entirely in the northeastern United States (except for the Atlanta Beat.)  There are 5 teams left of the original 9.  Supposedly another two are going to come in, both based in Western New York.

The Women’s World Cup starts in about 6 months, and the WPS is teetering on ruin.  History is repeating itself.  No matter how carefully planned the league was, no matter how minimal the goals have been, no matter how much WPS was aware of not repeated the mistakes of the WUSA, women’s football just cannot get a fair shake in this country.

I’m depressed.


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